This guide is meant for those joining an existing SafarPass account as a Traveler. Here you can learn how to set up your profile and book your first trip.

Step 1 — Join SafarPass

You should receive an email invitation with your username. Click Accept invite to SafarPass to get started!

Step 2 — Fill out your Personal Profile

Go to your name (up on the right) → Account settings and fill in the information needed, (personal data, travel document information, and details about your Loyalty programs)

Step 3 — Search for a flight

To book your flight :

  • Click on + New booking and select Flights. Choose whether it’s a Round-trip or One-way trip

  • Select your destination. Enter your preferred dates, and the class of travel

  • Click on Search, and pick your preferred flight.

Step 4 - Search for a hotel 

You will then be redirected to hotels. 

  • Pick a hotel that is most convenient for you. 

Step 5 - Proceed to Payment 

  • Proceed to payment. And depending on your company's travel policy; you either pay by card or submit your trip for approval. 

Now you are ready to book your first trip!

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