This guide is for a company administrator setting up SafarPass for the company.

Whether you're onboarding 3 or 3,000 people into SafarPass, we understand that introducing your team to a new and unfamiliar tool can be a daunting task. Our customer support at SafarPass is available 24/7 to guide you through the process.

Also, you might want to head over to the About SafarPass article if you'd like a refresher about SafarPass in general.

Step 1 — On-board your Travelers

Let’s start by adding new users to your SafarPass company account. Go to your name (up on the right) → Company settings → UsersInvite new users. You can also invite new users by sending SafarPass the list of employees and we will send the invitations on your behalf. 

Step 2 — Set up a Payment Method 

Company settings → Payment Method and you can manage your credit cards.

Step 3 — Create an Entity

Add entities to be used for invoicing. By adding an entity, you will be able to set the necessary tax, legal information and default currency to be used in the invoices.

When creating a SafarPass account the company name is automatically used to create the first Invoice Profile, which is set as the company default.

Step 4 — Set a Travel Policy and Approval Process

SafarPass lets you set up and automate your company’s travel policies.
Company Settings
→ Travel Policy to set your restrictions on:

  • The maximum Budget of flights or hotels

  • The Cabin class and Star rating allowed

  • Deadlines for booking. e.g : how many days in advance flights/hotels must be booked

You can also set Approval Flow for teams or individuals by going to Company Settings → Travel Policy → Approval flow 

  • No approval needed, for travelers within this policy.

  • Soft approval with notification, meaning that the approver will only be notified if the traveler books an out-of-policy trip.

  • All bookings need approval; meaning that regardless if the trip is in-policy or out-of-policy all trips will be subject to approval, in this case you'll set an approver who will receive booking requests to approve and pay.

Also, Assign an Approver.

And you’re all set! Now you can start managing all your business travel in one place.

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