Updating your profile information will allow us to remember your details and auto-populate them when you're making a hotel or flight booking.

Also, having a complete profile allows admins and travel managers in your company to book on your behalf. 

Follow these steps to complete your profile information:

  • Click Sign in on the SafarPass homepage and select your company (You can directly sign in using your company's SafarPass URL as well)

  • Click on your profile drop-down in the top right and select Account settings.

  • By default, the Personal info tab is selected which is where you can complete your profile information.

  • Important: Make sure that you enter your first name and last name exactly as per your passport/travel document. 

That's it! 😊 Your profile information is automatically saved.

💡 Keep in mind: We will let you review and update any of this information when making a booking so that your details are always up to date!

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