Every user is assigned a role with its level of permissions and access rights. 

Types of roles in SafarPass

  • Member: has limited access and can only book trips for themselves.
  • Accountant: This is the default role for the accountant who will receive approved expense reports to process reimbursements.
  • Admin: has full access to manage company settings, travel policies, approval flow, reporting, invoices, payment methods and users.

Admins can:

  • Book: for themselves and other users in the company.
  • Entities: define the entity's default currency and address the same way they want them to appear on the invoices. 
  • Users: manage users and set their roles.
  • Travel policies: create travel policies, approval flows and assign them users.
  • Reports: view reporting
  • Trips: view trips of all travelers
  • Invoices: view all invoices 
  • Payment methods: Add/Modify/Share company cards

💡 Keep in mind: Admins have access rights to change roles for any user 

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