1. Log in to the JumpCloud Admin Portal: https://console.jumpcloud.com.

2. Go to User Authentication > SSO.

3. Click ( + ) to configure a new application.

4. Click on Custom SAML App at the bottom of the list of applications.

5. Set Display Label to SafarPass.

6. You can automatically populate required connector fields for SafarPass application by clicking the Upload Metadata button and then upload the file sp_metadata.xml.

7. Set Idp Entity ID to jumpcloud

8. Set IDP URL to https://sso.jumpcloud.com/saml2/safarpass

9. Add required attributes in Attributes section as follows, fname for first name and lname for last name.

10. Click activate to save and activate the connector. After the application is activated, a public certificate and private key pair are generated for the application.

11. Download the public certificate and private key pair.

12. Provide the downloaded certificate + list of authorized domains to SafarPass team.

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